Dooley MurphyAboutResearchArt📧🐦@dooleymurphy🥽Virtual experience designer at Laerdal.

🎦Watch a recent talk I gave here.The event is Aalto University's Creative Technologies series, the theme is Rethinking Reality - Where Is XR Heading?, and my argument is that designers shouldn't get hung up on tech――we've still a lot to learn about how XR moves us.

📖️⬇️Read my PhD thesis here.It's called Through the Screen Door: Virtual Reality Experiences.

The gist is, agency or acting in VR is cool and all, but theorists and practitioners alike might wanna pay more attention to patiency――the embodied feeling of being acted upon. Education: 🎓PhD Virtual Reality Experiences, 2022🏛️University of Copenhagen🎓MA Cognition and Communication, 2016🏛️University of Copenhagen🎓BA Media and Communications, 2012🏛️Goldsmiths, University of London